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Rachel's Melted Fabrics

Rachel's Textiles Secrets Revealed!

A "How- To" Textiles Book

· Full Melting Techniques
· The right Tools and Materials to use
· Ideas for Inspiration
· Projects broken down into stages
· Work in progress photos
· Ideas for Recycling found objects
· Ideas for further experimentation

Foundling~ More Textiles Secrets Revealed!

A Textiles Sketchbook

Foundling is full of dreamy soft whimsical textiles pieces exploring ideas of secret gardens, hidden delights and  tangle woods.
Join me as I create a sketchbook, jot down ideas and hunt for inspiration. This book will take you through my textiles pieces as I work on them, with step-by-step photos and my notes.

Melting and Felting

Explore the scrumptious possibilities  of felt with me as I create hats, boots, wall hangings, figurines,  3D structures and a sketchbook.

The aim of this book is to experiment  with a new process and see how it can be combined and layered with sewn  textiles, threads and yarns.

I called this book "Melting and  Felting", not because there are a great deal of my melting techniques in this book but because the spirit of my work is still the same. It's still about "melting together" different textures into one piece.

Textiles Wrap How-To

Wraps are a great way to show off your beautiful textiles skills and you also get the great pleasure of wearing something that no one else owns.

I wrote this tutorial booklet in a way that lets you see exactly how I produced my wrap but at the same time also gives you some ideas about how to design your own individual wrap.

Melted Fabrics Calendar e-book

This book was written to accompany the Melted Fabrics  Calendar.
I realised I had far more that I wanted to tell everyone about each  project than I could possibly fit onto one page.
In this book you will find the original Melted Fabrics calendar pages, expanded instructions on how to make each month’s project, work in progress images, templates and doodles.
Also included are further ideas for each project and related information from weekly Melted Fabrics challenges that relate to the projects.


Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim

• Ideas for Recycling old clothes
• Recycling large objects like furniture
• Making bags from recycled items
• Using up the bits you’d usually throw away
• Recycling packaging
• Saving old projects that went wrong
• Recycling broken jewellery
• Using found objects
• And much more!

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