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Felt Book


Felt Sketchbook  (featured in the Melting  and Felting CD Book).


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"I wanted to make a book because I was stuck at a point in a story I was writing. I had this character who’d sewn a book but I wasn’t sure what the book was about or what it looked like. I knew I wanted it to be made from things she would have found on her travels and not from paper. I also had this vague idea that she was a shepherdess and I thought that my  felting experiments would be perfect in helping me visualise this book."
(Excerpt from Melting and Felting CD Book).

This is a Felt and textiles book made from scraps of textiles off-cuts meshed  together with stitch and fibre.

When closed the book measures approximately 10 inches x 9 inches x 10 inches.

Information about how I made this book can be found in the Melting and Felting CD Book

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If you have any questions or would like to see more images and details of this piece don’t hesitate to e- mail me.

I also accept commissions. I love to produce original and whimsical new  pieces.




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